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So, it was the last game of the year. The kids came out to play and they were ready to play hard. Then it happened!

Yep, the Soccer/Football game was interrupted by rain…I mean, sprinkler.


Kitty Candids

So a couple of weeks ago I bought some Cardiff Crack home from SoCal. If you’re not familiar you should get that way. OMG the tri-tip is YUM.

Anyway, I brought one back for a friend and kept it in the chill box until he was ready. That was last weekend! So while Ian BBQed the heavenly piece of meat I took a few kitty candids of the cats that allow he and Jen to share their house.

This is Shadow –

This is his sister, Twilight –

Their bigger brother Adam –

He who sleeps outside, Booger –

And the happiest cat of them all, I didn’t catch his name even thought it was said a bahzillion times.

Must be near Memorial Day

Why? Well, that’s when the war planes come out to play!

We are in the flight path of one of the many ex military bases. This one just happens to still be open and is run by NASA, which is pretty neat, so occasionally we get some pretty interesting planes flying by. Like for instance, we saw the underside of Airforce One not so long ago. I’ll have to dig up that photo.

Anyway, the reason for my blog today. Witchcraft has been making her rounds today. I snapped a couple of pictures and then did a little research. Apparently, she flew quite a few missions during WWII. I’ve linked the page that we found.

There were a few other planes making their rounds as well, I’ll post pics either here or on FB later.


Witchcraft B24

Shoe Shadows

It rained a couple of weeks ago. I got this silly thought in mind…I thought I’d try to recreate a really neat photo that I had seen. So, here is my sister and her daughter playing a ghostly shadow for me in the puddles.





Met this lovely guy while in Santa Cruz this afternoon. He just happened to be floating by while I was snapping photos of the waves.

I uploaded this image to facebook but I’m not happy with the way their filters handled the colors.

Gull on blue

Gull on blue


Shooting Stars

So last night was supposed to be one of a couple nights where we could see an amazing shooting star light show. They claimed something like up to 20 an hour. I live in the city so the night time sky doesn’t show that many stars. I was surprised, however, because when I stepped out onto the deck and looked up, there I saw a shooting star. Woo!

Didn’t have the camera set up though, wish it had waited! Anyway, here is a collage of the photos that I took. Most are 30 second exposures at f16ish and 2000 iso.


HDR Photography

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking to the photography professor and he suggested that I try stitching together some HDR photos. I read up on it a bit and figured out to do bracketing on my camera and viola…HDR images! :)