HDR Photography

So a couple of weeks ago I was talking to the photography professor and he suggested that I try stitching together some HDR photos. I read up on it a bit and figured out to do bracketing on my camera and viola…HDR images! :)






Seems that the front lawn is a live with these things. So much fun to blow, not so much fun to pluck from the ground.


Sunset 12 March

We went up to the hill again to grab a couple of photos of the sunset. We tried to get to a really neat spot but we were running out of light, time, and sun. Kinda need the sun for a sunset, right? Well, at the last minute we went to another spot.

The first photo here is from the first try, the second was where we ended up…missed the sun!



Something old – Wall Mask

A few years ago I was invited to spend the day at a summer time party at a beach house. Sand generally isn’t very kind to a camera so I didn’t bring it with me. I did, however, have my phone. I took a bunch of photos here and there and this one really caught my eye.

It’s a wall hanging that was in one of the stairwells of the house. Anyway, this is a fav of mine.

I removed the very pixelated background and replaced it with a nice gradient.


Dogs at the School

While at the school the other day we found some dogs playing ball with their humans. Super neat dogs and their humans too. As we walked up the dogs came up to greet us with a tail wag and a nice pat on the head. We were doing the patting!

I asked if I could take photos while they played and shared them with their humans.

I wish the one of the poodle jumping came out clearer, too much action and the shutter speed was kind of low for the shot. Next time! :)

My thanks to Patrice for letting me use these photos here on the blog! :)







Purple Sky

So I was out today with the family we went for a walk to the school. Along the way there are always some beautiful flowers to shoot. So, while prepping the photo for cropping in Photoshop I started playing with some of the other controls in the Camera RAW tool.

So one of them turned the sky purple and…here it is!